Abode Filter Recycle Scheme


If you’re using an Abode filter product instead of buying bottled water, then you’re already helping to reduce the amount of single use plastic contaminating our natural environment. Thank you. Now, thanks to our new Filter Recycle Scheme, we can give you something extra, the peace of mind that your filter will also be recycled at the end of its life. Send your filter back to us and we’ll take care of the rest!

What happens when the filter comes back to us?

Once we’ve collected a sizable batch, we send them to our approved recycle partner who responsibly oversees the separation of each component part.  The plastic can be ground down to be reused, and the internal  resin is also brought back to life for reuse.

Sounds good, is there anything else I need to know?

At this moment this scheme is limited to the following 4 filters:

1/ Pronteau PROBOIL2 / PROBOIL.2X Filter Cartridges – PT1206

2/ Pronteau PROBOIL3 Filter Cartridges – PT1024

3/ Swich High Resin Filter Cartridges - AT2112

4/ Abode Aquifier High Resin Cartridges - AT2040

Ok great, how do I get my filter back to you?

Well, firstly we care about this topic so we will cover the postage charge to return your filter*.

Order your new replacement water filter directly through our online shop and a returns label will be delivered with your order. 

Simply follow the procedure detailed below:
1/ Shake out as much water from the used filter as possible. The more you can shake out the less likely it is to cause problems in
the postal system and stop it getting back to us!
2/ Plug/cap and tape the filter. We suggest you use the plugs /cap from your new filter and fix them with a bit of sticky tape. Again,
just to stop water leaking out and hinder your filter getting back to us!
3/ Pop the filter in a suitable bag. We recommend reusing the bag you’ve just received your new filters in. Simply turn it inside out
and tape it up.
4/ Now simply affix the postage label and drop it into your local post office*. Of course, if you don’t mind covering the postage yourself, feel free to use any postal service, we’ll still recycle it for you.

* Abode freepost service is only valid through the Royal Mail using the label below and is limited to the following weight restriction: 0-1000gm.

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